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We are passionate professionals about software development and all things IT. It’s been this long-lasting fascination that brought us to start our own company: CodeNamed. This has enabled us to consolidate a technical team specialised in web application development and software that is custom made for our clients, based on our extensive experience and the constant skill renewal that this industry demands.With a holistic vision, specialised in the most recent development technologies, we identify  the solutions that our customers really need, creating immediate value for their business. We interact with the customer from the get-go in order to advise, guide, and explain our approach, because we do not only develop: we offer added value.

What we do

Working with passion and dedication, we offer advice and solutions to companies, based on full-stack web development and solving problems with our code magic. Every day we set out to challenge ourselves a little more in order to reach a bit further; which is why these 7 years of experience have led us to grow along with our projects.In order to improve our performance, we currently incorporate Story Mapping, an agile technique to divide the overall vision of a project or product into clear visual components. This makes the vision more understandable and concrete, so we can turn it into tasks that are ready to be tackled. With this technique, we identify what the customer really needs and what tasks generate value directly for their company.

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Because we are passionate about software development and technology, we closely follow the evolution in our field of expertise. That is why we like to write and share our projects and views on an industry in constant movement. You can discover some of our projects in our blog. If you have doubts, questions or concerns do not hesitate to comment:

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